this is a space for artists & poets of all different media to present works & to express ideas, comments, scraps, notes, rants, statements on anything & in any way they please. I wanted to have a space where artists & poets from all different points of view, styles, cultures, can present & discuss, comment on, each other's works. To encounter the works of other artists & poets in a freedom of existence and exchange, and to learn a lot and have a good time, too!
The name "Nos Obras Otros"indicates the works are a shared "Other" of each artist, an Other without any limitations or labels imposed.

Monday, August 31, 2009

On October 1, The Torrent is Unleashed

Based on an offensive file of BitTorrent it has taste of Jean Rollin. Night of S von Hunted The Torrent translates the intercultural error of the file in the new impressive configuration. The internal message moves enters a house of the mysterious campaign in of the distance, of which in the Neuschreiben of poet of " that it controls; It's a one amount of elasticity, elasticity, elasticity, and a mysterious hospital, where the current he governs to the found women of the fine incapacity specific in the adjustment of the place.

Follow me?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bombed Walls/"Letter Bombs"

David Chirot This Week's Feature at The New Post Literate
this week 's gallery feature the work of david chirot

This is a very amazing project of/ Michael Jacobson's' in which each week he features a different Visual Poet, Artist, Poet's pieces made with a sense of conveying their consideration of "what IS the new post literature" and also just what is asemic writing, or the role of asemic writing-- in relation with this?
Since everyone may well have different approaches quite various and wide ranging, the way Michael is giving a week each to the works helps present this swarming cosmos of possibilities--as an open one, rather than an apriori categorically divided and defined "New Post Literature" which is instead an area of excavation, investigation divigation and Anarkeyological Expo- and Explosivagation--

Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the other aert

here is another other,it appears that some of the others don't or can't.
only too happy to present another for others. upto this point the only
other was neither. so furthermore it is repeated as other(authr)
& otherwise some others will be said to prefer another. that is, the
only other one will be called by another name>

Merz Collage n°6

Collage for a new book I am currently working on.