this is a space for artists & poets of all different media to present works & to express ideas, comments, scraps, notes, rants, statements on anything & in any way they please. I wanted to have a space where artists & poets from all different points of view, styles, cultures, can present & discuss, comment on, each other's works. To encounter the works of other artists & poets in a freedom of existence and exchange, and to learn a lot and have a good time, too!
The name "Nos Obras Otros"indicates the works are a shared "Other" of each artist, an Other without any limitations or labels imposed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

scarpe scarpe scarpe from Italy (bruno chiarlone)

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  1. ciao Bruno!
    this is wonderful--
    i used to have a father-in-law--from near Napoli---named Lou Scarpa-
    the joke was "the best Scarpa/Scarpi--are Italian!!
    like "Italian Stallion"--