this is a space for artists & poets of all different media to present works & to express ideas, comments, scraps, notes, rants, statements on anything & in any way they please. I wanted to have a space where artists & poets from all different points of view, styles, cultures, can present & discuss, comment on, each other's works. To encounter the works of other artists & poets in a freedom of existence and exchange, and to learn a lot and have a good time, too!
The name "Nos Obras Otros"indicates the works are a shared "Other" of each artist, an Other without any limitations or labels imposed.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

lessfragilethanwe by sean burn

less fragile than we. 2010. 1' home is longing rather than belonging, past-present-futures a fragile and poetic beauty despite (it) all - a wee poem for new years in 2010 for all yu's out there. sean (burn)

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